—————We are the daughters of the Sun, Helios————— Heliades, our relatives, are the sisters of Phaeton. Phaeton came down in history as the daring one to steal the sun, a chariot of horses dominated by Helios. His failed attempt caused great destruction on Earth until Zeus‘s thunderbolt caused his fall and death. Heliades, witnesses of the scene, wept and wept their brother’s loss. The Gods’ then transformed Heliades into trees and their tears into amber. Elihades now seek revenge for the Gods’ unfair punishment. Aspiring to overrule divinity, they attempt to steal the Sun’s light. Elihades is a handcrafted tapestry of electric cables and haberdashery ribbons. This woven technique is used to transform electric cables into intricate jewellery.  Colour is altered depending on the light shinned. Absorb and reflect with your electric tapestry. Enhancing one’s body, one’s outfit, our main objective is to restore the cables’ electricity and bring light to everyone who wears them.

Handwoven electric tapestries are created by the sun’s daughters, rebels in disguise against the fast-paced, restless rhythm of the city. Woven jewellery with electric properties, a tapestry necklace launched its beginning. Chokers, earrings, belts, you name it. These contemporary elves construct artisanal jewellery, moulding and dressing figures, stealing the sun, defying natural law. Who said jewellery is limited to its decorative element? Be prepared to shine, head to toe.